SAP to adopt the Social Media Release

SAP plans to adopt the Social Media Release within the next weeks. This is a result of a discussion with international PR-Managers of SAP I was invited to. In a presentation I tried to wrap up the changes within the Web and especially the challenges of the Socialweb for Business Communication. In the discussion we especially talked on network building and transparency (and here) as rising PR challenges, but also on the fact that internal and external communications today hardly can be divided. The internal blog of Siemens-CEO Klaus Kleinfeld seems to prove this – a lot of comments out of the blog concerning management salaries have been published by the German press and have been discussed in the Blogosphere within the last days.

SAP especially seems to be concerned in relationship building. Yet, they have a large developers’ community online, and they also work on their relations with customers – and with bloggers. Some weeks ago they invited Bloggers to a Press Conference. Not everyone liked the way they did it (here is another view), but I think it was a start and every company still has to learn in the field of blogger relationships (and in the Socialweb at all). So, to me it seems consequent when Bill Wohl, Head of the SAP Global Communications Product & Technology Group, motivated his team to adopt the Social Media Release. A first draft should be published for discussion within the Blogosphere in the next weeks.

>> Information on standardization of the Social Media Release

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