Also on Twitter now

No more excuses: This morning I was asked by two people to join Twitter within an hour. And after a diner talk with Neville and Martin in Ghent and skyping with Klaus Eck on it today, I finally joined the community.

Still, I have to learn to get along with this new way of microblogging (Wikipedia). But Klaus‘ idea of using Twitter in classroom really sounds interesting. Maybe Twitter can help to find new ways in collaboration with a group of students: Perhaps a student is working on his thesis and stumples upon an interesting source and he/she likes to share or he/she has just a short question within his/her network. I can imagine that I will also use it in a similar way together with colleagues and other people within my network. Like a kind of loose group chat.

And maybe there will be new possibilities for PR, too. Wolfgang and Klaus are working hard on creating ideas on it, yet ;-)

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