Social Media News Release: SAP’s First Step

It’s not really fresh any more – but since nearly no one has noticed SAP’s first step into the world of the Social Media News Release (SMNR) I still feel free to mention it: Four weeks after my announcement SAP published their first SMNR. On October, 30th, SAP announced the TechEd ’06 conference in Bangalore (India) in a SNMR-style.

IMHO this first draft has many interesting elements like a feed, support for Digg or, many related links and downloads of pictures. SAP was also producing a videocast with four episodes on the conference. Great! On the other hand some features like real tagging (SAP uses search terms instead) or comments are not implemented and above all the text of the release still sounds like a typical press release. A second version with key facts, a summary, and quotes hasn’t been published.

So, to me the TechEd Release is a large step into the Socialweb but at the same time it seems to be more like an up-to-date press release but it is not yet a release adressing other actors on the Socialweb than journalists – particularly since it has been distributed with a newswire service. The version published on SAP’s own newsroom is absolutely traditional.

As far as I know, the company is already working on a second attempt on the SMNR, probabely they will re-build their newsroom then and add there the SMNR-Features. Maybe we’ll hear more about these plans within the next time – I asked the responsible PR manager for an e-mail interview about ten days ago…

Disclaimer: I’ve been invited by SAP’s communications team to discuss the changes of the Media Landscape with them in September this year.

>> More information on the SMNR: on the New PR Wiki, in a Google Group, and here are the elements of a SMNR.

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  1. Absolutely, Todd. I think the point is that we always should talk about two versions: One for the traditional press allowing them to use the release without working hard on it – and a second one for actors within the Socialweb.
    Some days ago we’ve been discussing the SMNR in a PR class, and my students have been enthusiastic about it – tomorrow they will try to write one (with two versions) in class…

    Gefällt mir

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