50 Blogger testen Nikon

BL Ochman tut es und etwa 50 weitere Blogger auch: Sie testen einen neuen Fotoapparat von Nikon. Offensichtlich hat Nikons PR-Agentur aus der Blogger-Kritik zum Microsoft-/Edelman-Test zum Jahreswechsel ein paar Konsequenzen gezogen. So zitiert BL Ochman die Agentur zu den Bedingungen des Tests:

„…The only request we have of you is that you please make sure that, if you choose to write about the camera, you make it clear how you got it. We would never ask you to cross any ethical lines, so openness and honesty on all our parts is in everyone’s best interest.

The camera is essentially being loaned to you for six months at which point you have three options:

1. Return it to us
2. Re-up for another six month loan period, or
3. Buy the camera at a significantly reduced editorial discount.

Should you opt for #1 or #3, the camera or the purchase price will then be donated to a photography education program that Nikon supports. That’s it.“

Zumindest in den USA scheint diese Art der Blogger Relations akzeptiert zu werden, wirklich negative Äußerungen habe ich dazu nicht gefunden.

Bemerkenswert aus PR-Sicht finde ich, dass es sich bei der Nikon D80 um ein Produkt handelt, das bereits seit einer Weile verkauft wird und die Tests der Blogger als zweiter Schritt in der PR-Kampagne gesehen werden. Weitere Infos und ein Interview mit dem verantwortlichen PR-Manager bei BL.

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  1. I agreed to participate in the program *because* the agency insists on complete transparency and I think that is the ethical way to handle such a program.

    My intention is to label every post and each image as being part of the test program because i am sure that not every person who reads my blog reads and remembers every single post.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Thanks a lot for the additional information, BL. Labelling every post concerning the test (and providing a link to the first post on it) seems the best way to me, too. The agency of Nikon does a good job – exemplary for many others.

    Beyond, in Germany some discuss if a blogger should create an own page claiming all product tests he did and other typical topics for disclaimers to assure even more transparence. What do you think about this?

    Gefällt mir

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